Interface Registrar

All Known Implementing Classes:
RegistrarImpl, RemoteRegistrar

public interface Registrar

Interface through which a bot updates the system. This is a privileged interface. It is to be exposed as a protected network service.

Babak Farhang

Method Summary
 LinkNode register(LinkNode node)
          Registers the given node.

Method Detail


public LinkNode register(LinkNode node)
                  throws IlaException
Registers the given node. The node's forelinks inherit backlinks to the given node; if any forelinks have been removed, then their corresponding backlinks are scheduled for removal. The State of the node is updated and returned.

The states of the node's forelinks (as known by the system) are returned on a best efforts basis; if the state of any of the node's forelinks cannot be ascertained immediately, then they are returned in the NF state.

node - the node encapsulating information parsed by a trusted bot
a LinkNode instance encapsulating the state of knowledge about the given node at this moment in time
IlaException - if an error occurs


Copyright (C) 2002 Babak Farhang

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