Interface StateConstants

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IlaImpl, MirrorImpl, PLinkNode, PNode, PNodeSet, PState, RegistrarImpl, RequestParser, State, StateBuffer

public interface StateConstants

Constants representing the 4 primary state status types for nodes in the Ila system. These stati are non-overlapping. That is, they represent a partition over all possible states. (See the transition diagram in the StateBuffer class.)

Babak Farhang
See Also:
State, State.getStatus(), StateBuffer, Node.getState()

Field Summary
static int NF
          Not found status.
static int NK
          Not known state.
static int NV
          Not visited state.
static int OK
          Okay status.

Field Detail


public static final int OK
Okay status. The node exists: it has been visited successfully.

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Constant Field Values


public static final int NF
Not found status. The node cannot be found: it has been visited unsuccessfully.

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public static final int NV
Not visited state. The node is referenced by other nodes, but it has not yet been visited.

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public static final int NK
Not known state. No information is available about the node in the Ila system. This state is the complement of the other states defined here.

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