Interface IlaServiceResolver

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public interface IlaServiceResolver

The service resolution interface for Ila. Resolves the address and port on which an Ila network service is implemented. Depending on the ORI of the resource for which Ila is being queried, an authoritative server is resolved. That is, information in an Ila system is somehow partitioned by ORIs.

For the time being, this partition will be implemented by assigning each server one or more semi-open lexical ranges of ORIs. This scheme, which is similar in approach to the DNS, allows the authority of servers to be organized by ORIs.

We could have, however, taken some other approach. For example, we could have assigned a range of the hashcode of ORIs for each server. One advantage of such an approach would be the relative ease with which we'd be able to distribute the load across servers. A drawback of a hash based approach is that server cross talk is likely to increase as intradomain links (our so-called co-links) are generally more numerous that interdomain links.

Babak Farhang

Method Summary resolve( ori)
          Resolves and returns the address and port number of the network service for the specified ORI.

Method Detail


public resolve( ori)
                                   throws IlaException
Resolves and returns the address and port number of the network service for the specified ORI.

ori - the ORI of the resource
the address and port of the authoritative Ila server for the specified ori
IlaException - if an error occurs


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