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Interface SessionPool

public interface SessionPool

Interface for creating and/or recycling Session objects. This recycling does not concern itself with a session's underlying socket; rather, besides the socket itself, the resources used to maintain the conversational state in a Session instance may be worth recycling.

Additionally, this interface can be considered a factory interface for Session instances.

Babak Farhang
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Method Summary
 void freeSession(Session session)
          Frees the given session.
 Session getSession(java.nio.channels.SocketChannel channel)
          Returns a Session instance using the specified socket channel.

Method Detail


public Session getSession(java.nio.channels.SocketChannel channel)
Returns a Session instance using the specified socket channel. The returned instance may be from a pool of recyclable Session instance.

channel - the socket channel associated with returned instance
a Session instance using the given socket channel


public void freeSession(Session session)
Frees the given session. A freed Session instance may not be used again, unless it happens to be returned by the getSession method of this interface.

Note that a SessionPool instance is not supposed to manage a session's underlying socket (such as closing it); the session's underlying socket is supposed to be closed elsewhere.

session - the Session to be freed

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